Community Relations

Community Relations plays an active role in the University’s involvement with our local chambers and organizations.  It manages the relationship and membership with the chambers, and aids in identifying faculty and staff that would be ideal in filling key positions in the various chamber committees. 

It also works closely with the different departments in the university to determine appropriate individuals able to deliver on different requests received from local organizations.

The office is also responsible for the cultural, academic, and athletics programs provided to Coral Gables residents through the City of Coral Gables Development Agreement; and the contact point for community organizations seeking support from the University, or wishing to coordinate an event or visit the campus.

In addition, it serves as a central point of contact for our Coral Gables University neighbors.  To learn more, visit the CollegeTown website.

When To Contact Community Relations:

  • If wanting to become involved in a local chamber
  • If already a member of the chamber and would like to become more involved in representing the university
  • If interested in volunteering to assist with special events involving community organizations
  • If receiving a call from a Coral Gables University neighbor